Workshop & Labs

  1. Sheetal Metal Shop
  2. Painting Shop
  3. Pattern Making Shop
  4. Welding Shop
  5. Machine Shop
  6. Black Smithy Shop
  7. Moulding Shop
  8. Fitting Shop
  9. Carpentry Shop
  10. Fitting & Plumbing Shop


In our institute, there is a big library. Our institute library has a number of shelves. Books are issued on the basis of admit Card of students or Library cards. There is not any fee for the issue of books. It encourages us to read. Students and teachers enjoy reading books in the library.

Computer Lab

The computer lab is fully air-conditioned and equipped with the latest hardware, software, and latest Operating System along with the clock broadband internet connectivity. In the Institute two computer labs establish with the latest hardware and software.

Hardware lab:- In the hardware lab student interact with the physical part of the computer system like the Motherboard, Processor, Hard Disk, RAM, SMPS, CD/DVD- ROM, Keyboard, `Mouse, Printer, etc., and understand the function of these various parts. Students can perform various types of experiments on these parts and gain practical knowledge about hardware.

The Basic aspect of the hardware lab is

  1. Interaction with the various parts of the Computer System.
  2. Assembly of the various Computer hardware Parts.
  3. Booting Process
  4. Setting of BIOS
  5. Formatting Hard Disk and other devices
  6. Installation of Operating System and Other Software
  7. Fault Finding  

Software lab:-In software lab Computer systems are available with various types of development tools and the latest operating System environment and languages. In this environment, students can develop various types of applications.

– Name of the software available
– Windows 7 Professional Edition
– Microsoft Visual Studio 10 Pro 
– Microsoft Office 2010
– DTP Package