Student’s Details

Sr. No.Name Of BranchYearNo. Of Students Enrolled
1Diploma in Civil EngineeringIst 60
2Diploma in Civil EngineeringIInd59
3Diploma in Civil EngineeringIIIrd58
4Diploma in Electrical EngineeringIst60
5Diploma in Electrical EngineeringIInd63
6Diploma in Electrical EngineeringIIIrd64
7Diploma in Mechanical EngineeringIst60
8Diploma in Mechanical EngineeringIInd62
9Diploma in Mechanical EngineeringIIIrd61
10Diploma In Glass & Ceramic EngineeringIst60
11Diploma In Glass & Ceramic EngineeringIInd51
12Diploma In Glass & Ceramic EngineeringIIIrd55
13Diploma in Architecture EngineeringIst59
14Diploma in Architecture EngineeringIInd46
15Diploma in Architecture EngineeringIIrd48